Friday, February 25, 2011

In Which I Take on a New Moron: Christine Flowers

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" For all the newbies, here's our platform in a nutshell: If God said, "You shall have no other gods but Me," that presupposes there are other deities. Thank goodness for that. Who wants to pray to a jealous old white man?

Last Friday was the first time I called out sick during the school year 2010-11. I'm a dedicated teacher who puts in 10-hour days without thinking about it. It's my job.

Anyway, I was home sick, and I picked up the Philadelphia Daily News, and therein I read a column by one of their contributors, a moron named Christine Flowers.

The only earthly reason I can see for Christine Flowers to be writing for the Daily News is that she makes the readers furious enough to keep buying the paper to see what she'll write next.

I don't know how long ago it was that Mizz Flowers wrote a column extolling Governor Chris Christie. I emailed her, she emailed back, saying she just wants to see an end to "bloated teacher salaries."

Since then I've mostly missed her, because I'm so busy earning my bloated salary of less than fifty grand. But lately I've caught up with her and decided to make her my new "moron du jour" until Rick Santorum gets his national candidacy out of the gutter and into swing.

Christine is in full flower today, so if you've taken your blood pressure medicine, go to Philly dot com and enter her name in the search engine. Or you can try this link ... but you know how I am at linking ...

The easiest way to get on Annie the Cailleach's last nerve is to make fun of "Norma Rae." Christine the Moron starts with that and moves on. You can smell the "let them eat cake" on her breath.

Philly dot com is an open site, and Christine writes every Friday. I have started trolling there, and if you feel moved to do so, I guarantee her ego is large enough that she will read what you write, whether it gets posted or not. Knowing that my fine Pagan readers are tasteful and thoughtful, I unleash you all upon her with the blessings of the bored gods.

Making fun of "Norma Rae" in the face of the protests in Wisconsin? Moron. Now deal with me. I don't get paid to write newspaper columns, but there's some satisfaction in being able to sneer in your general direction. What a waste of a beautiful surname!

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alex Pendragon said...

I read her column, and this is what I sent her in reply:

"is a lawyer".

That pretty much explained you. You pretty much summed you up with that nice tidy little statement. I need not say more.