Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things to Remember for the Future

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Please be patient while I record a few notes for my future reference.

When visiting the homes of my children and their families, I should:

*Figure out which chair is the favorite of the lady of the house and not inhabit it.

*Only volunteer in the kitchen when asked to.

*Go with the flow, not try to direct it. Others may be tired from working all week.

*Be very mindful of my aging body's bad habits and adjust to my surroundings.

*Spend time with grandchildren, not with children. Children work, and they're tired.

*No more than three nights.

*No organ recitals.

*No complaining about the schedule.

*Be very mindful who the alpha female is in a home.

*When tempers fray, seek a quiet corner.


The Kitchen Witch said...

Would it be alright if I amended the list as a daughter in law of a mother in law who goes out her way to stress me out during the holidays?

Asking ONCE if help is needed in the kitchen is fine and appreciated. Asking every five seconds is not. If politely refused the once do not hover and offer advice on every little detail. The working children's nerves will be thankful. Sit down and mingle with other guests and enjoy yourself.

Spending time with the grandchildren is great! They enjoy the time and attention and it's good for your health! Changing their outfits three times when what they were wearing was clean and perfectly appropriate for the weather is not cool. Getting them to help set the table when they are old enough is however very cool.

I don't know the alpha female's in your life but in the grand scheme of things I don't mind when my house is packed if my favorite seat is taken but it's nice that you notice that it bothers others.

I think that if you have these things in mind you shouldn't have to worry about the rest. In the end they are frayed at the edges because they want you to have a fun perfect holiday so doing that will go a long way towards helping them keep cool.

Lavanah said...

Now, now, Anne, she was just doing all that so you wouldn't feel bad about having to go back to work tomorrow! (or at least that is the sort of thing I tell myself under similar circumstances.)

Alex Pendragon said...

And last but not least, if all goes horribly wrong, bury them in the cellar.........

Just kidding!

Intense Guy said...

Very sage advise. Did you follow it this year? :)

Hecate said...

Lucky for me, I have maybe the most wonderful daughter-in-law in the world and we do Thanksgiving at her house. She tells me what to bring and I bring it. I am more than grateful to not have to be the one doing it all. I ask if I can help, she says no, I say, "Let me know," and I sit down and knit, chat, play w/ G/Son. If I see, for example, that I can clear away the dessert plates, I do it w/o asking. I used to watch my mom and my paternal grandma, who never learned to like each other and make notes for myself. Mine were: The lady of the house sets the thermostat. Get a sweater if you're cold.