Sunday, November 07, 2010

Can't Sit Still

Some days defy our ability to sit still indoors. This is one of them. I'm going outside for a walk.

When I was a kid I recall November as being barren and gray. Not snowy, but past autumn and always raining or looking like it was going to rain. Here in the flatlands, the trees are still bright, and it's often crisp and sunny.

A little fresh air never hurt anyone. And walking here in Snobville is joyous, because we have a champion black oak -- and it's just up the street. So long, readers, I'm going out to hug a tree.


Alex (who danced with leaves) Pendragon said...

Ya damn tree-hugger! (Give em a hug for me!)

Intense Guy said...

We had a dozen "champion" oak and hickory trees where I grew up - and the leaves they dropped each year were beyond belief... tons of them... we had a compost pile about the size of the house half the time...

Save a tree for me to hug!