Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shameless Plea for Self-Promotion

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," founded in 2005 to celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of deities who deserve our devotion! I'm your host, Anne Johnson. Here today with my hat in my hand.

I have 24,856 profile views. I have 96 followers. So close, and yet so far.

My shameless plea is to you, my 96 readers. Would you please talk me up just four more notches? If I can get 100 followers, that's enough to convince the Snobville Fire Department to shut off the street for a block party.

Then all of you would be able to come to a vulture-themed block party on Sunday, October 31! We'll have people all dressed up in costumes, a bonfire, carved pumpkins, and pie pie pie! And we'll have mead! (Well, that is if you bring it. I stand alone among my friends in not knowing how to make, or where to purchase, good mead.)

I'm very grateful to have 96 followers, and I do hope I entertain you. If so, please phone a friend and ask them to join our "Gods Are Bored" family!

If I could be serious for a minute...

Wait. Who am I kidding? I'm never serious for a minute! I once made it through 46 seconds of seriousness, but that was as far as I got. And that was at my mom's funeral. You can't ask my mom to die again so that I'll be serious for a true 60 seconds.

Tell your friends that this is the place to visit for people and deities who want to dance, sing, grab all the beatnik madness of life and wring it joyfully across the abyss of despair!

Or just tell them about the block party. Whatever it takes. My goal is to have 100 followers by Samhain, and none of them relations or neighbors. Can you help this worthy cause?

Follow me, and I'll tell you how to become happy, sexy, rich, and famous!

Oh, wait. Too many religious blogs already make that claim.

Follow me, and I'll try to make you chuckle a few times a week.

The world may be all f****** up, but we're living through it anyway. Might as well laugh about it.
The way I see it, things work like this: If only the Bible is true, we're one and all screwed -- so let's be screwed with reckless abandon! And if there's more true than just the Bible, our gods will stand solid with us -- so let's engage deeply in life, so long as no one gets hurt and the furniture doesn't get stained.

Follow me! Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!

Thank you, and may the bored gods find you and lead you, and by leading you, so may they restore their worth!

PS: You might want to bring a pair of sensible shoes. I hate it when people show up for a hike wearing flip flops.


The Wizardess said...

My dear, I would have followed you long ago if there was a little google friend connect clickie thing on your blog. As is, I can't find one. Am I just dumb? Or is there not one? You are on the sidebar of my own blog, so when I see you have a new post up, I come visit.

Anonymous said...

I'm not following you because I don't have a blogspot... but I do RSS so I know when you update. So almost. heh. But I'll spread the word anyways :D (I'll also put you on my blogroll when I update tonight.)

Anne Johnson said...

When I put the "follow" thingie on my sidebar, all my links disappeared. Seems like either you use an old version of Blogger (like I do) or opt for the new one, and I don't know how to do my sidebar on the new one.

You know what I need? One local teenaged follower who could come to my house and fix this glitch in a second.

rebelleink said...

yes, I too need a 'follow' button.

Alex"Flip-Flop" Pendragon, Lord of the Flops said...

Hello, Ms Johnson (May I call you Ms?), my name is Bartholemew Rathboneson, and I am the President and Treasurer (unless you are interested in treasurer) of The Society for the Promotion of Mountain Hikes wearing Flip-Flops. We here at the SPMHFF are MORTIFIED that you would disdain persons of Flip-Flopping-Faith! We are the one society in all of the Eastern Mountain Range that have promoted the ban on all mountain top removal, simply because tromping across level gound is so NOISY! ESPECIALLY on PAVEMENT! Thus, we ask you to have the good grace to issue a retraction and refrain from future suggestions that we Flip-Flop lovers are less than worthy of scaling your noble peaks!

That and we might can get you four more followers.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how to do this by the book, but when has that ever stopped me? ; )

If checking on this site for new posts at least once a week counts, you've got a follower from Texas. You had me at "turkey vultures".


sott'Eos said...

I wish that I had more friends who have the temperament to become a follower of your blog. I have forwarded a link to your blog to the few who might (except for Justin; he never met an upholstery he wouldn't stain).

Gruvkitty said...

I'm already a follower - but for those having trouble, my "follow" button was at the top left of my page in a blue bar (as opposed to on the side bar). It took me a minute to find it. Those looking to follow, maybe take another look-see and see if yours is too?

Intense Guy said...

I popped over to your profile and gave ya a few more views...


See, I'm doing my bit...


I can't remember if I'm a follower or not...duh!

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Anne Johnson said...

prahlad, bite me.