Monday, October 04, 2010

Don't talk to me tonight...

Read this and let the author know what you think. Then copy your comment to her and paste it in a comment here at "The Gods Are Bored." Then pass this link on to every Pagan friend you have so they can let the author know what they think too.

Go ahead. Vent your spleen. She sure did, and got paid for it too.


Ali said...

The comment I left:

If I understand this article correctly, you are outraged that Druids and other non-mainstream (read: non-Christian) religious persons have the audacity to expect equal treatment under the law despite being, to paraphrase your argument, "kinda weird."

A very weak case. I fail to see what is so threatening about equality or respect for religious diversity.

The Druid Network spent five years in in-depth conversation with the Charity Commission - to suggest that they are not "truly religious people" is ignorant of the monumental task the group faced, the prejudices (such as your own) that they had to overcome, and the time, energy and resources they had to devote. No one would go to such efforts just for some cooky hobby. I applaud TDN's commitment and perseverance.

Your rage has reduced you to writing an article that is not only factually incorrect but at times logically inconsistent and incoherent. I can't even be angry - I just find you deserving some pity, and maybe a laugh.

(They make you jump through a lot of hoops to leave a comment - don't know if mine will show up.)

Ali said...

P.S. Folks I know in the UK say that the Daily Mail is barely one step above the tabloids... So I'm not too worked up about the idea that they would print this kind of trash. I hope you feel better and don't let it get you down too much! TDN got a lot of positive coverage in the more respectable mainstream media, so it's not all bad. :)

Willow said...

"You, Melanie, are quite possibly the most bigoted person I've read online in awhile. Quite frankly, I'm amazed you were allowed to publish this article. I'd advise you to do a little research on other religions besides your own before you insult and degrade an entire group of people with your own ignorant hatred. If you truly believed in Christianity you'd know that your article is FAR from being "Christian." Learn a little bit more about what your own faith preaches before slamming another."


You'd fit right in with the batsh** crazy teabaggers here in the States. Nice to know we're not the only one that has crazies.

Anonymous said...

Here is my comment:

Wow, I am just floored by this. I fully understand and agree with someone's rights to have their own opinion, especially when it comes to religion, but that doesn't give you the right to bash someone else's.
Melanie Phillips you have been cruel and mean to people you don't even know. I consider myself a pagan, and your accusations about beliefs that I hold dear is very offensive. It is true that pagans, druids, witches, wiccans and the like aren't like most "main stream" religions. For many of us that is why we like it!! We believe this way because we don't like to conform, we like to be free to CHOOSE what to believe, not be TOLD what to believe.

I can only hope that you will some day find it within yourself to accept those that are different, even if you don't agree with them.
Blessed Be

Even though I have met people like this (my mother is one of them) I still can't believe they exist!

Anonymous said...

According to teh Wiki, this woman is (a) going on like this all the time (b) Jewish. Rodger C

The Traveler said...

I guess everyone was making too much sense, they removed the ability to leave comments. And truly I would have merely pointed out a few historical facts for this person so rooted in her country's history and traditions-

Druidic practices predated Christianity in England by several centuries. Christianity is in fact, an import. So if you truly want to honor the traditions of your country then I suggest you find an attractive tree and learn to shake your groove thing in a robe. Of course if you want to go where Christianity is the first and only tradition then you can hop a plane, train, or automobile to...oh yeah- there is no place that Christianity is the original faith or tradition. Christianity is like the chubby 12 year old who's parents insisted on bringing to the adult party, acting out and throwing a fit demanding all the attention be on them.
Of course The United Kingdom has such a long and unwavering line of following the same set of rules and beliefs in Christianity itself. Oh wait *facepalm*, I completely forgot that the national church is the Church of England- founded about 600 years ago on the premise that a king wanted a divorce and to pillage and steal the church's wealth and land.
Now I can see the threat you're talking about. I get it now. Yup, when your church is founded by a sociopathic serial killer with a lust for gold and you see nature loving druids moving in down the street there goes the neighborhood.

Pom said...

I'm sure I've missed the point here but shouldn't this actually be a celebration of equality rather than rage unleashed at an obviously and willfully ignorant "journalist"? Whether she likes it or not - Druids have been given equal status and she can complain about it as much as she likes and continue referring to the "occult" and its ominous sounding tones that frighten non-pagans silly (despite meaning nothing more than "hidden" which pagan practices are becoming decidedly less hidden) but the fact remains that equal rights have been granted and we should be very happy about that.

Lori F - MN said...

Traveler, you forgot horny. How many wives did he have, I mean, put to death? Something the Church of England should be 'proud' of, to be sure.

JaAnBe said...

The earth is what sustains us. We are nothing without it. The fact that we do not worship and revere it has brought us to the state we are in today.

Intense Guy said...

My comment:

Actually, religion has nothing to do with "a belief in a supernatural deity (or more than one) that governs the universe." In its orginal form, religion was superstition set up by human beings as an attempt to explain how mankind came into being, and why, and what purpose man might have.

If the druids have a creation myth, a rationale for why mankind exists and what their combined or individual purpose might be... they have a religion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting note - they closed the comments on that article now. It's been 3 days! Maybe they close all there comments that quickly, but I think not. I think we might have scared them.
Most of the 319 comments are from druids and pagans. Maybe now they'll take notice....