Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Talking Nice to Democrats: Obama Is For It

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Anne has scheduled a mid-life crisis for sundown Friday evening. Why don't you drop by? She's baking some pies, and maybe one of her grandma's famous snowball cakes. How can you pass up an offer like that?

Mr. Johnson, the better half of the Johnson & Johnson team, is a shop steward for his union. (In his case, the CWA.)

This afternoon, Mr. Johnson was sitting in the garage, which doubles as his office. (Ain't that a guy thang?) He got a telephone call.

The call was from a young woman trying to raise funds for the political campaign of Barak Obama.

Mr. Johnson was agreeable. He likes Barak Obama. But he had a question.

"How does Mr. Obama stand on the issue of labor unions?" Mr. Johnson asked.

The caller responded: "Oh. I don't know. Hang on a minute."

In almost exactly a minute, she returned to the line. She said, "He's for it."

That's all she said.

Mr. Johnson's response need not be recorded here.

Please don't apologize for Barak if he's your man. He's just doing what all rich, important Americans do -- he's hiring uneducated youngsters at the lowest level, paying them nothing or next to it, and insufficiently training them to complete their jobs.

Perhaps he should outsource his fundraising to India.


MountainLaurel said...

Says a bit about how important labor issues are to the US. I'll bet if Mr. J. had asked about abortion or prayer in schools, she would have had a coherent answer right off the bat.

But unfortunately, at least the Dems are better at that than the Repubs.

buddydon said...

i agree with whut mountainlaurel sed bout the dimcrats bein a lil bettern them publicans, but taint by much these daze. i have bin verr dissapointed in em. aint nobidy standin fer the wurkin man that i kin see. they even tax wurk moren investmint, witch that tells ye whut the gummint is trine to discurge, no? they wont us to invest n not to wurk, witch ifn i had me a big ole pile, that wood wurk, but since i aint gut much of nuthin, i gut to wurk everday i kin ... n i aint cumplainin -- i am one of the lucky ones on a counta ifn i stand close to a computer lack as not twill wurk n thays folks thatll pay ye fer that kinda thang.

BBC said...

God is a union supporter. As long as the union doesn't get too greedy.

Raevyn said...

I laughed SO hard when I read this Anne... but the real clincher (where I actually almost fell out of my chair) was when I read your 'labels'... shouldn't 'moron' and 'politics' be in the same category?? LOL!!