Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Gods Aren't Bored Enough to Go to 7th Grade

Welcome to "The Gods Aren't Bored Enough to Go Back to Seventh Grade!" Yes, my daughter The Spare is completely correct. No god or goddess in his or her right mind would turn back the eon clock and go back to Deity Middle School.

If you missed the post below, you haven't yet reveled in the special hell that is raising a 12-year-old whose mind rests only on boys, friends, clothes, makeup, pop music, vapid t.v. shows, and hanging out with friends who have video systems.

Tonight at dinner, I said, "The Gods Are Bored."

The Spare replied, "Well, they'll be worse than bored if they go back to Middle School."

Can't argue that one.

For my newer readers: My daughters are named The Heir and The Spare because once I was watching something about Princess Diana, and the commentator said, "Well, at least she produced what every princess is supposed to produce: an Heir and a Spare."

Sounded logical to me.

So tomorrow I spend the day at a Vo-Tech teaching English and the evening badgering The Spare. Calgon, take me away.


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greer said...

I have her male counterpart. As I already have an heir and a spare, I consider him to be the "libertine". He appears to have no interest in anything except pursuing all manner of pleasures available to an 8th grader. Within reason of course as I seem to "treat me (him) like a baby". True, but he's not on drugs, hasn't been arrested and hasn't produced (to my knowledge) any children as yet. There's something to be said for running your home like a military encampment.