Friday, June 17, 2022

Another Pesky Supreme Court Decision

 I'll keep this one brief, since the decision isn't published yet. But ...

Our new Spanish Inquisition Supreme Court conservative majority is about to issue a ruling about prayer in school. Specifically, Christian prayer on a football field after a game. Can a coach kneel and pray on the field at a public school, subtly encouraging his players to do the same?

I would lay a hefty bet that our current Supreme Court is gonna say OH JEHOVAH YES, LET'S SWAY THOSE FINE YOUNG MINDS.

To which I say: Fine! Will do!

As a firm believer in the separation of church and state, I have kept my Pagan beliefs entirely to myself. One time I saw a student reading a book about witchcraft. That was the only time that I ever had a conversation about Paganism in my classroom. And it was just with that kid.

My religion doesn't belong in my workplace. Or, I should say, right at this moment it doesn't. If the Supreme Court rules as above, re, swaying the fine young minds, then strap yourself in. I'm gonna sway.

This doesn't mean that I have changed my mind about the separation of church and state. This means that the Supreme Court is reactionary and regressive, and five supposedly intelligent human beings have not thought through the entirety of the possibilities of prayer in schools.

If the court decides for the coach who prayed on the football field, I will be offering up free advice to all my Pagan public school teacher colleagues nationwide. It'll be a whole doggone series on how to call the Quarters in the classroom, how to display an altar on your desk, and how to weave the tenets of Paganism into daily lessons.

Do I want to do this? No. Do I feel called to defy these dark times? Yes.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I wonder which Puritan witch burner from 300 years ago your Supreme Court will cite as precedent THIS time?

Anonymous said...

Rodger Cunningham said...

"Spanish Inquisition" was a joke, but I seriously suspect the SCOTUS majority is taking its orders from Opus Dei.

pam nash said...

Well, if the SC does say prayer is ok on the football field or anywhere else in the public arena, then next time someone could offer a prayer of thanks and gratitude for the world to Earth Mother Giai. Add in a few drums and bells. I doubt any of the fanatic SC are smart enough to limit Religious Freedom to Pray to only Abrahamic religions.

yellowdoggranny said...

I am losing my ever loving mind.

Anonymous said...

It should be unbelievable in this country, but it's sadly true.

Go Pagans!