Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ten Years of "The Gods Are Bored!"

Wow. It's our tenth anniversary here at The Gods Are Bored!

There are over 2200 posts.

And a half million page views.

Dozens of bored deities have sat for interviews.

Goats were judged back in the day. Not so much anymore.

We will always love faeries! Remember Puck?

So many adventures with Decibel the parrot!

I couldn't afford to buy the family farm, so I've asked Gaia to reclaim it. This view is already lost due to tree growth!

I love the Goddess Brighid the Bright. She led me to the Light.

One day when they're older, my daughters The Heir and The Spare will come here to read about their lives! Spare was 11 when I started this blog. Tomorrow she turns 21. Oh my.

There's been one magnificent, overriding passion here at "The Gods Are Bored," celebrated with supreme devotion since this site's inception. That passion is the Rich Worship of the Great Sacred Thunderbird! Long may Vulture own the skies!

Thank you, readers, for your comments and support lo, these many years. It doesn't seem like a decade has passed since that day I read an article about a woman who got money to pay her dog's vet bills by blogging. I didn't set out to make money here ... but your generosity through several projects has been heart-warming and well-remembered.

Ten more years? Probably. There are still quite a few bored Gods and Goddesses out there who want their Voices to be heard!



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy 10th Blogoversary, Anne! Your blog was one of the very first blogs I ever read and I have been reading it faithfully ever since! Looking forward to many more years of vultures, Decibel, bored deity interviews, etc.

Kim Cooper said...

Congrats on ten years! (What, no picture of Floppy?)

Kim Cooper said...

Now you've got Puck's speech from Midsummer Night's Dream running through my head -- thou speakest aright, I am that merry wanderer of the night. I jest to Oberon and make him smile when I a fat and beanfed horse beguile....
I could go on, I really know most of it, as we put it on in 8th grade and I was the prompter for rehearsals.


you started after me...glad we found each other...yea, my great friends not only paid for Anne's vet bill, keeping her alive another 6 months, they have donated money and goods to my oldies...wonderful people here..congratulations for your 10th year..and hopefully at least 10 more..love ya my friend.

Cliff said...


Congratulations on this milestone!!

I very much admire your humor, thoughtfulness, and persistence!

Best wishes to you, and yours!


Khalil Ford said...

Happy Tenth Anniversary. Here is to another 10 years. My water bottle was raised in toast to you.