Monday, May 05, 2014

Shall We Pray?

Wow! I'm so excited! Today we scored yet another victory for prayers to the busy God at government meetings! This is great news for those of you who feel that municipal matters are best handled after consulting a higher power, in public, and on the taxpayer dime.

Our Supreme Court, which is laden to the plimsol line with sneaky legislators impartial Constitutional experts, has decided that an iddy biddy prayer at the beginning of a meeting doesn't violate that ... oh, what was it called? Forget it. Not important. Let us pray.

All of this is so very fair, after all. If enough Pagan people in a community ask for their share of the praying, and they get it, then what harm is done? At the government meeting we will get our Prayer That Unites All Druids before a heated discussion on the local raccoon population and what can be done about it.

But wait a minute. There are quite a large number of people who don't believe in any deity whatsoever. (Yes, reader, I feel bad for them too, but everyone has a right to their own views.) These people are known as atheists. When do they get their turn to pray? And if they do pray, what will they pray?

Maybe we at "The Gods Are Bored" can help with that.


Our Municipal Government, which in City Hall doth dwell, hear our prayer.
There is no god. There never was a god. There never will be a god.
Praying to a god is a waste of time.
So let's get down to business, and thank you for supporting the atheist cause.

I should copyright this, don't you think?



I would love to have a video of the faces, when I ask them to have a pagan prayer...I know that ever meeting, city, or various organizations, we start them with a prayer...and no one in town thinks anything of it..I tend to check my watch, rearrange my necklaces, yawn...doesn't bother me..some times I look around and see other people looking around or checking their phone.

Lori F said...

Or here's a general alternate:
Our Municipal Government, Which in City Hall doth dwell, hear our wish. We were elected by our constituents to be guided by our honor. We do not require blessings or prayers to guide us to do what is best for those who entrusted us. Let us get down to business and quit wasting taxpayers money. So Be It.