Friday, September 06, 2013

I Love a Parade!

What is with me? I love parades. Do you?

I'll take a parade either way. I'll watch it, or I'll march (or strut) in it. Both are amazing.

Next weekend, Heir, Extra Chair and I will go to see the Miss America parade. It's been a long time since the last Miss America Parade in Atlantic City. I'm totally stoked to see one!

I've never had a problem with beauty pageants. I don't think they are demeaning. A pretty woman who is proud of her body ought to have the right to display it for people to appreciate. No one is using coercion here. The contestants look like they're having fun. And they are pretty.

Back to the Miss America parade. It's traditional, as the various state winners pass in their convertibles, to shout, "Show us your shoes!" And most of the contestants have really fancy, campy shoes that somehow artistically represent what's best about their state. For example, a Miss Florida might have shoes that look like orange trees. Other contestants just have the most over-the-top footwear you can imagine. Now, don't think I was born yesterday. I know the idea is to show off legs. Again, who has a problem with that? If a gal is proud of her legs, she should flex 'em!

If I remember correctly, the Miss America parade also has some good bands and drum corps in it too. It's on Atlantic City's boardwalk ... I got western-side seating so we'll see waves crashing on the beach in between the action. Oh, I wish you could join me! Fun, fun, fun!

But it only gets better.

Thursday night we had a very important meeting of the Two Street Stompers, my Philadelphia mummers comic club. In addition to finding a home for multiple cans of Coors Light and announcing the theme for this year, we learned that we will be marching in a Halloween parade! I. Am. So. Pumped! I literally jumped up and down when they announced it.

Not only do I get to wear this peerless suit again, in all its golden glory, I will be participating in the deepest tradition of mumming -- you see, it's done at the New Year. Except to the Celts, the New Year was November 1! So being a mummer in a Halloween parade is reviving an extremely ancient and holy tradition!

I won't lie. I'm a school teacher in a severely depressed urban area. It's a stressful job. Not because of the kids. Because of the ridiculous oversight by state flunkies with agendas. But when I get an opportunity to watch a great parade in September and then strut in one in October, well ... stress? What stress?

Come and join "The Gods Are Bored" at the Miss America parade 2013! Section W73-W75. Be there by 4:00.

Come and see the Two Street Stompers at the Medford, NJ Halloween parade! Gonna have a funky good time! Sorry, no Coors Light will be served. It's a family event.

Ready, set, strut!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ooooooo yes indeed, strut your stuff, girl! Love that golden glow and that umbrella!

Vest said...

Done a few parades, like the London Cenotaph in 59 Nov, stood to attention for two hours with feet turned upward due to the camber of the road. Also Sunday Church parades;like compulsary praying - now extinct in the services. more recent in Australia the veterans Anzac day march/parade, now too old for that stuff, like watching though it never seems to endbbg, Anzac day is now an excuse to take the day off for a booze up sad to say.

Anonymous said...

Love to watch parades as well! Enjoy!

Anne Johnson said...

Vest, I'm sorry to hear that Anzac Day is going the way of so many of our American memorial days. I have an Australian neighbor whose father was in the RAF. It was an honor meeting him.

Those of us old enough to remember those veterans' parades in the 1960s ... well, maybe that's why we like parades in the first place.

EarthCitizen #23 said...

There you are,, LOVE IT ANNE!
You do look Mavaaaalous!