Sunday, July 07, 2013

Not Your Typical Vacation Blog

I'm just back from vacation. I went to Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary in Artemas, PA. It was very fun.

Is there anything either more boring or more frustrating than hearing all about someone else's terrific vacation, while you were stuck in your dreary suburb mowing the grass and painting the porch? Yeah, I hear you. That's not why you come here to TGAB. You already know what a drum circle is, and you also know about Nature Spirits. What can I add?

It's therefore time for a little free advice. Remember, I have to pay you to take it, because that's the way our economy works these days. Send me an invoice.


Use maps wisely.

I got on the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Breezewood and drove to Philadelphia. I had $14.00 in my wallet. Surely that would be enough to travel 200 miles?

Imagine my dismay when I rolled into the tollbooth and saw $15.55 come up on the little monitor.

The toll taker, by his very expression, indicated he was unlikely to be swayed by any sort of abject plea.

I had to get out of my car, open the trunk, open my duffel bag, and root through it. Thankfully, there were three whole dollars more in the midst of all the damp clothing, flashlights, bug spray, and underwear. (The latter is really not needed at Four Quarters Farm, so long as every little thing is covered by something.)

A long line of Philadelphia drivers, getting longer by the minute, began regaling me with their car horns. A real Philly homecoming, I must say.

I paid the toll in full and was admitted onto the Sure Kill Expressway, portal to the City of Buzzardly Love.

These highway tolls are getting out of hand! So here's my free advice:

Take the scenic route.

If I had come back to Philadelphia on Route 30, at least as far as York, PA (admittedly through dozens of stoplights and little towns), I could have saved at least half of that robber baron toll.

Next year I will need to expand my already bountiful vacation budget to include more toll money. In the meantime, you can best believe I'll be scouting alternate routes to Four Quarters Farm.

I really hope this post satisfies the person who left the comment that I should travel more. Voila! I traveled. I was gone four days, a whole 250 miles (give or take).

Thank you for reading about my vacation.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thank the Goddess you had those extra 3 bucks! We were on a toll highway in Ontario (we don't have them in western Canada) but they operate by camera so we haven't got the bill in the mail yet. Actually, the car rental company will get the bill and pay it from our credit card, adding an extra $10 administration charge for all their trouble.

Davoh said...

yer, i know -tongue in cheek.

Am considering setting up a "tourist" enterprise - need 'investors' .... heh.

um, how should, and could "sell" this;

The "Highway to Australia";-0.

We all have our our own problems.

(thanks fer sending Old Sol in southern direction. Has been a bit minus - locally .. heh).

Davoh said...

Um, am not a "tourist" marketer ... but yep .. while the northern hemisphere of this planet may experience "summer" ..
the southern part of this planet experiences "winter".

From my perspective - it is the height of arrogance and limited perspective to consider that 'All' gods or 'goddesses' belong to the northern hemisphere Mediterranean concepts. Long story and some 're-arrangement' of "basic" Mediterranean beliefs.

Maebius said...

Glad you had the spare ducats, Anne, and even more glad you had fun at 4qf. I miss Drum&Splash, pesky long distances and finances! :)

Yuor situatino is one reason I finally made the swap and got an EZ-pass. Yes, it's not optimal, but other than holding my money and probably maknig interest off it somewhere, it makes a TON of convenience for our semi-monthly travels across state lines with it's automated-ness.

Not worth it for very infrequent trips, I'm sure, but definitely nice for frequent toll-payers like me.

/advert off.

I like the scenic route too, and Rt 30 does almsot through my neck of the woods where I grew up. (Lancaster area) However, it is getting very very commercialized lately, from what I see. small towns are becomnig business districts and mini-malls?! What the heck!


maybe West should have a booth charging people money to come to town and view our wrecked neighbor hood.

Anne Johnson said...

Yes, Jackiesue, you should have some way to charge gawkers. Maybe the stores should raise the price of snacks for out-of-towners. From what I've seen and heard about West (mostly from you), y'all know each other. Gouge the gawkers!

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