Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On Friendship

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," green background with white letters since I dunno when! This blog has been praising and worshiping downsized deities since 2005. It's fun, it's nutritious (for the soul, which means zero calories), and it's been a good way to make new friends.

Now, let's take Floppy here, for instance. I didn't know Floppy until I hit rock bottom, and one of my dear readers sent him and a flock of other golden vultures to cheer me up. Floppy and I hit it off immediately. It helped that he is a vulture, but he has many redeeming qualities. What is one important quality of a good friend? He or she makes you laugh. Well, Floppy has a great sense of humor, no doubt gleaned from a long association with Sacred Thunderbirds, who seem so serious when you see Them in the sky. Since he arrived at Chateau Johnson, Floppy has done everything to lighten my load, including allowing himself to take ribbing after ribbing about his name from the local turkey buzzards.

Those turkey buzzards are just jealous. Seriously. Look at Floppy! Straight outta Egypt, where the people knew what to worship and what bird should be guarding their kids.

Tonight I got an email from an old friend who I haven't seen since 1987. I still consider her a bosom buddy. We haven't chatted on the phone ever. She doesn't read this blog. But we worked for the same venal publishing house, we got downsized and abused together, and now we both have transitioned into other taxing jobs. So we have a lot in common. Three years ago, I bought a cute little teddy bear. I sent it to her at Christmas and told her to send it back to me the next Christmas. That way we always send each other a useful gift without having to spend any money. Floppy agrees: This is true friendship!

I live in one of the most densely populated states in America, but I can count on one hand my true local friends. I'm a fun person, not snobby, but I like people who can make me laugh and who will share their lives with me the way I share mine with them. Floppy has given his Golden Seal of Approval to: Celeste, Nettle, Monkey Man, and the entire workforce of Woodstock Trading Company. That's it.

I'm surrounded by four dozen colleagues or more at school, all very nice, but most of them don't float my boat. Just is. Can't help that.

A funny thing started happening when I began writing this blog. I started getting friends a whole new way. Back in the early days there was a dude named Scott. And then people just started flooding in ... and I love them all! I'd start mentioning names, but I would be afraid I would miss someone. Y'all know who you are. I've met some of you in the flesh-and-blood, and WOW, do I wish you were my neighbors! I'll bet you wouldn't even complain when Decibel the Parrot starts earning her name.

Awhile back someone wanted to be my friend. Since she had no religious affiliation that would be affronted by the content here, I told her that if she wanted to get to know me, she could do it the way all of my newest friends did -- by reading "The Gods Are Bored." Turned out she didn't like my snarky tone. Heave ho! Love me, love my blog. It's who I am.

Floppy loves my blog, principally because I've been writing about him. Turns out vultures are rather vain. They want to look good (mostly to other vultures).

Here's to friendship, new, old, near and far! Here's to meeting fascinating people who love the bored gods!

*If you have ever left me a warm comment, you are my friend.
*If you have ever sent me an email thanking me for my blog, you are my friend.
*If you have sent me links to vulture news, you are a true friend.
*If you come here because you are a Pagan and you want a chuckle ... are you local? Floppy and I will invite you to tea.

Gods bless you every one. Love you guys. *Anne starts to get sniffy and weepy*



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Don't ever change your blog template or your snarky tone, Anne! Your blog was one of the first ones I ever read and your high blogging standards have always inspired me! Hugs to you and Floppy!

BellaDonna said...

I loved your blog from the minute I read the name. Glad you think of me as a friend. ;-)

Please say "hi" to Floppy for me!

Rachel Wohld said...

I am a regular reader of your blog here and if someone doesn't like you tone, click on out of there lady!

I am glad you haven't changed and won't unless it is something You want to do.

Keep on, keepin' on!

Nettle said...

If you didn't live close enough for us to be local friends, we'd still be blog friends. I'm glad to have you as whatever sort of friend!

Anonymous said...

And thank you for running a fun and forthright blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog and for being you. Hi to Floppy for me.
We were just talking this morning about making a community -- starting a town around our factory we are going to build, and inventing our own currency, New Community Dollars, and gradually changing over from federal dollars to N.C.Dollars. Making a locally sustainable community, and connecting to others who are doing the same around the country. Ah well.... Lovely dreams....


I love you just the way you are..and yes, I am singing it to you..

Lavanah said...

Proximity only equals friendship when you are four. I am glad that you have Floppy and Nettle and your local friends. And I glad to consider myself one of your blog/internet friends.

(and I'd be happy to prove that I am not a robot...)

Jim Lesniak said...

Love your blog! Don't ever give up your snarky attitude or reserve your clever wit. I'm glad I knew you when floppy was a disk, and I'm delighted to see you haven't changed. Your friend forever.