Monday, April 02, 2012

What the Frogs Said

What did one frog say to another?

"My, how time is fun when you're having flies."

The faeries love that one.

I pose this silly joke because this week marks the seventh anniversary of "The Gods Are Bored." I can hardly believe it myself.

Seven years ago I was an unemployed ex-writer whose beloved father had just died. I was already a Pagan.

One morning I sat reading the newspaper, and I saw a story about a woman who had gotten her vet bills paid by her blog readers. This blog stuff had already filtered in to my not-so-computer-savvy radar. So I went into my home office, wandered onto this site, and found it unreasonably easy to set up a blog.

What to call it? Would you believe that I didn't even have a name planned out? "The Gods Are Bored" just came to me from ... hmmmmmm ..... oh, golly, it must have been the bored gods themselves! Finally, the voice They needed to get a little buzz on Their sadly downsized Existences!

I've written over 1700 posts. Excuse me if I repeat myself.

Navel gazing, daughter stories, Pagan stuff, politics, rants, revenge, humor. This place has been my funhouse. Wheee!

Tonight my home computer returns from a long stay in the hospital. This means that I'll be posting more pictures again, as always blithely disregarding intellectual property.

It's a special week. Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!"

PS - I don't own a dog.


Anonymous said...

What did the agnostic dyslexic stay up all night trying to figure out?

Whether there was or was not a Dog.

You, at least, have that question answered, and I am sure it is not your greatest accomplishment (that might be raising two happy, healthy kids)(and however-many turkey vultures).


I think I started right before you..I don't remember who found who first. But I'm glad we did find each other.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog recently and glad I did. Happy Blogversary!

Vest said...

Time flies like an arrow, and Fruit
flies like a banana.

Vest said...

"I think I shall become immortal" say's first frog.
"Hows that" say's his friend?
First frog replies,