Thursday, January 05, 2012

When Abortion, Mormons, and Gay Marriage Are All That Matters

Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" It's 2012, the Apocalypse year! Well, another Apocalypse year anyway. If we had experienced all the Apocalypses we have been promised over time, only the buzzards would remain. Therefore we forge ahead with the slow attrition that comes to any capitalist society where greed is not curbed by common sense.

I would be rejoicing over the choices of moron offered in the Iowa caucuses if I had any faith in our sitting president. Alas, it took less than four years for all of his platitudes to lose their hot air -- and his decision to waive habeus corpus for anyone deemed a "terrorist" is the most dictatorial move by a president since there was a real war going on right in our nation. The last president to decree arrests and detentions without charges or rights was ... drum roll ... Abraham Lincoln. Times were a bit different then, and it still wasn't right.

Oh well, la di dah, the message is clear: You Occupy, you die. No more wasted pepper spray. Hey, how do you think they got things done in Argentina?

Meanwhile, the Republicans are duking it out over the really, really, really important national issues: abortion, gay rights, and prayer in schools. How else could we possibly have experienced the re-emergence of Rick Santorum, a moron of such epic stupidity that his IQ has to be tested with the hamster scale? Chimps leave him in the dust.

If you've never heard of Rick Santorum, you haven't been here at TGAB very long. I've written more "moron par excellence" rants about him than any other hominid. (Using the word hominid rather reluctantly here.)

In the not-so-distant past, Rick was one of the U.S. Senators from Pennsylvania. Until some intrepid reporter got the idea to go visit the address Rick listed for himself and his family in some blue-collar locale in the western part of the state. Turned out Ricky and his large, home-schooled brood had decamped for suburban Virginia, where they were living in a lavish home, rather beyond the income level of an honest senator. He hadn't even bothered to hire someone to cut the grass at the old Pennsylvania homestead -- that's how he was nabbed.

Rick got trounced in his re-election bid. He is still living in Virginia.

The only people who like this guy are the same vote-splitting dingbats who were flocking to Rick Perry until he opened his mouth. Santorum is slightly more able to converse than Perry, but hardly the man to lead a large and diverse nation with severe economic difficulties and tense situations in several parts of the globe. Leadership? Rick Santorum couldn't guide rats through a maze if you spotted him the cheese.

I wonder what people in other parts of the world think of us. I think we look ridiculous, and I live here.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I protest, Madam, on behalf of hamsters everywhere. How dare you besmirch their stellar reputation by linking them in any way with *shudder* Santorum?

hecatedemeter said...

Every time that I think the radical right has gone as far as it can go, it proves me wrong. Goddess guard us.

BellaDonna said...

How about using "hominumb" instead of "hominid" for beings like Santorum? I think it might be more, ummm... appropriate, under the circumstances. And the chimps will thank you. (Can't promise about the hamsters, though.) ;-)

durnik said...

Here is what part of Europe thinks of us.. From DerSpiegel, The Republicans' Farcical Candidates -
A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses

and altho I, too, am unhappy with the state of the Obama administration, I must disagree with a point..

Firstly, the disagreeable part of NDAA is not entirely new.. It has also been re-affirmed more recently than Lincoln.. Namely, under Cheney, the U.S. has had that 'effective' policy for around 9 years. While it may have been nice if Obama could have refused to sign it, there were enough congressional votes to override that, plus, the bill has many other components, which the failure of some would have prompted a Republican outcry of fantastic proportions. Back to the onerous part, the problem is that with no written law to authorize it, there could be no appeal of the law.. Now that it is codified, it can be challenged, & indeed, the ACLU is currently mounting a challenge, which, we can expect, will reach the Supreme Court.

My hope is that Barack Obama knew this.. & intentionally followed this course of side stepping the Repub's attempts to 'make more noise'. Either way, I am happy the law will be challenged.

and between you & me, I sometimes wish the gods would go play with some other species.. far away, in another galaxy comes to mind.. ;-)

BTW, congrats on your showing in the parade.

I know, I kinda segued right into 'Secondly'.. I do that sometimes.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also had heard that Obama signed that knowing it would be challenged if he did -- and hoping the challenge would get rid of the bad part and leave the rest. they keep saying he is playing chess while the rest of us play checkers. It seems true, except I don't know if we can count on this Supreme Court to pay any attention to our Constitution and its intentions.

Anonymous said...

Do you see my posts and reject them, or do you never see them? I keep trying to post and often don't see it here.

Anne Johnson said...

Hi Kim, I would never reject your posts! For some reason they show up after some weird expiration date, and I just have to load them when I find them. They always land in the right place, just not always right away.