Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kubiando Ball

Hello, I must be going! (Thanks, Groucho!)

Spare and I are off to the Kubiando Ball, a little faerie-friendly celebration for those who volunteered their services at the Spoutwood May Day Fairie Festival. Oh boy! A ball!

The Gods Are Bored will return Monday. We do not anticipate finding any humor in the oil spill in the Gulf. High dudgeon, yes. Humor, nope.


Linda said...

I thought of you yesterday, Anne. We drove past a turkey vulture dining on road kill, who didn't bother interrupting it's meal as we passed. This was a back road and we slowed down as we saw it ahead, so got a good look. I wish I had my camera as the bird seemed to pose, 6 feet away from the car.

Sarita Rucker said...

Have fun this weekend!

And yeah, the oil spill is sickening.